What is a Beacon (Beetle)? They are devices that use Bluetooth technology for the transmission of messages and warnings to any device that is compatible and that is within its range of action.

SmartBeetle Features


Interaction by calculating the distance between the beacon and the target device.


Content deployment through physical interaction with on-site objects.


Multimedia display based on the detection of proximity or movement in the stickers.


Interaction by calculating the distance between the beacon and the target device.

Experiences with SmartBeetle

Because it was developed by CONSYSTEC!

In events beacons can have multiple uses such as location of the different areas of the event, scenarios, food area, parking, among others.

Location of vehicles in parking lots.

Tracking the location of clients or objects. Construction of heat maps.

Beacons can be located at strategic points in the establishment to show the areas in which customers move inside the store.

Welcome to work meetings. Identification of participants.

Measurement of interaction indicators.

How does it work?

Beacons constantly transmit radio signals that contain an identifier.

The signal is detected by nearby devices, by means of Bluetooth technology.

The signal tells the device the beacon identifier.

It is verified what action is associated with the identifier and the device is answered.


The notification is sent to the device.

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